The most popular questions about our work

Working with us you can face a number of important questions and here you can find all necessary answers that will help you to cope with any situation.

What are your guarantees? Suddenly, we will forward the money for graduate work, and it does not perform?

We give you a choice: pay for the service an order of research paper or essay remotely or come to our office. Remote payment is made by the terminal. If you choose this method, as soon as the payment will be made on our cost of funds received, we will immediately inform you about this. The author immediately taken for your work and the order is assigned a unique number.

You can also personally come to our office and sign a contract, where all the conditions of our work are described in detail.

In the process of writing the work, you can at any time to call and inquire about the status of your order.

Where is the guarantee that the work is done well?

All our authors are highly qualified specialists. If in the process of your research supervisor will make any comments, the author in a short time will make all the necessary improvements. Our contract provides a free service edits work.

Who's your writers what they are doing?

All our authors - professionals: teachers, professors, PhDs, working in the major universities of the country. We basically do not work with the students and graduate students. We are responsible for your work and appreciate your trust.

Can I talk with the author himself?

We can provide you with the conferencing service with the author: by phone or via Skype. But you should take into consideration that this service is paid.

Do you follow the work on time, which I quote in my application?

Yes, as the deadline of the work, which you specify in the order, prescribed in the terms of reference of the author. Accordingly, it is to date, you have indicated in their demands, the author and should be shut down.

Do you have any changes, and they run at what time?

Yes, according to the contract, the author can make free changes on the observations and adjustments to your supervisor. Edits are performed from 1 to 7 working days.

What guarantees do you provide to the customer, according to the contract?

According to the agreement, you are guaranteed free changes already finished work on the comments and adjustments of the supervisor. Also, in case of delay the timing of the work (which happens very rarely), we will pay you a penalty.

How long do you pick up as soon as the author or the author responded to a question about the value of work?

Selection of an author who specializes on your discipline, carried from one to several hours.

Where is the guarantee that the work will be an individual rather than downloaded from the Internet?

Our authors - experts with extensive experience in writing scientific papers that have their own huge library with all necessary literature for the profile of writing works. In addition, you can manually or directly in the office with the help of our managers to check their work in the Anti-plagiarism.

If I receive the work and to show it to a supervisor only in a month, can I turn it for overworking in necessity?

Yes, only in the contract you will need to specify that you will use free editing immediately, but only to the defense of a thesis.

Did you make a revision of my work?

Yes, we are making improvements works written not by our sponsors. To do this, you need to send your work, we will find the author, who will evaluate it (assessment will therefore depend on the volume of work).

What minimum of time do you need for work?

The minimum period of the writing operation depends on its size and complexity; this is usually a period of from several hours to one day.

You online price, which is much different from that which I have voiced managers.

The site contains the minimum price, as all the work of their authors and assesses the author himself. The cost of work may vary depending on the size, discipline, high school, where you learn and the timing that you give to the execution of the work.

What determines the price of the diploma (ESP)?

Price diploma or course work depends on the discipline, the volume of high school, in which you learn and the timing of the work.

In what form do I get a job?

You can choose any convenient way: to work on the e-mail or picked up in person at our office.

And you definitely do the job well? And then, suddenly, I'll pay the money and do the work badly or not at all do?

It is absolutely excluded. All work is done in the period that you specify when placing your order. If your research supervisor deems it necessary to make adjustments in the work of our author makes the necessary changes, which, according to the contract, free of charge.

Why did you take a 50% deposit? Many firms operate without any advance payment.

The authors want to make sure that once they write the work, you will not be gone, it is a guarantee of peace of mind and quality of your work. If you met the firm, who work without payment, so they are not working with the authors, and the resource from which they take the work - the Internet.